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December 10, 2020

Information on product specification change of AZC foot safeguard


≪Applicable products≫
◆New foot safeguard “AZC” series
Each of the foot safeguard ‘AZC-100’, ‘AZC-130’, ‘AZC-200’ and ‘AZC-250’, and all castors with ‘AZC’

≪Reason of change≫
◆Design is commonalized for all sizes for J (swivel bracket), JB (swivel bracket with stopper), K (fixed) and KB (fixed with stopper) including ‘AZC-100’, ‘AZC-130’ and ‘AZC-250’ that are newly added to the series.

As machining for the bracket is needed, each item can not be supplied alone. (except repeat orders)

◆The following products come with the exclusive parts below.
AZC-100、AZC-200:Exclusive screw nut
AZC-130、AZC-150:Exclusive axle bolt
※*When you retrofit ‘AZC’ series to SISIKU castors you already have, please be sure to use the above-mentioned exclusive parts.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales office.