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Information on product specification change/Errata of catalog

Information on changes in specifications of our products is released here

●SISIKU general catalogNo.S2 List of errata
Please click here for modification.※(as of July 5, 2021)

●List of discontinued products
List of the items discontinued from SISIKU general catalog S1 superseded by S2.
List of discontinued products

●List of changes in categories, such as those special items shifted from standard series, a new addition to standard series.
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Information on product specifications

2021.5.11Information on product specification change of HJB/other stoppers

≪Applicable products≫Swivel castor with single stopper of the following series
「HJTSB」Silent Smooth Castor Ⅱ -Twin Wheeled Compact Heavy Duty Type- “HJTSB”
「HJB」Compact Heavy Duty Castor “HJB”
「HJTB」Twin Wheeled Compact Heavy Duty Castor “HJTB”

《Details of change》
※Structural improvement by integrating the stopper and the fork.
※Welding rubber pad to the stopper device makes it easy to operate the device.

≪Modified date≫
Effective immediately after the stock of each old type is consumed. We’ll take a special care not to mix the old and the new.
We’ll implement this change from the item with wheel of 50mm diameter, and proceed to 75mm and 65mm sequentially.
Prices will remain unchanged. 
Information on product specification change of HJN/other stoppers
If you have any questions, please contact our sales office.

2020.12.10Information on product specification change of AZC foot safeguard

≪Applicable products≫
New foot safeguard “AZC” series
Each of the foot safeguard ‘AZC-100’, ‘AZC-130’, ‘AZC-200’ and ‘AZC-250’, and all castors with ‘AZC’

≪Reason of change≫
For improvement in quality and productivity

≪Details of change≫
Design is commonalized for all sizes for J (swivel bracket), JB (swivel bracket with stopper), K (fixed) and KB (fixed with stopper) including ‘AZC-100’, ‘AZC-130’ and ‘AZC-250’ that are newly added to the series.
As machining for the bracket is needed, each item can not be supplied alone. (except repeat orders)

◆The following products come with the exclusive parts below.
AZC-100、AZC-200:Exclusive screw nut
AZC-130、AZC-150:Exclusive axle bolt
※*When you retrofit ‘AZC’ series to SISIKU castors you already have, please be sure to use the above-mentioned exclusive parts.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales office.
Information on product specification change of AZC foot safeguard