SISIKU アドクライス株式会社

Business Policy

Business Policy 2022


Think about whether you’re obsessed by successful experiences and overwhelmed by daily routines or not.

Think about promptness and progress while working on your tasks, and make sure if you implement them decisively.
“三思後行” San Shi Ko Go

Think about the right timing, and make sure to arrange everything necessary before it’s too late.
“三思後行” San Shi Ko Go
You cannot carry out anything resolutely if you are overcautious.,
as the proverb goes, Move swiftly after you think not more than twice.
“Think, think over, and take an action!”

Yusuke Murata

Basic Quality Policy

What we’re aiming is to become the most reliable manufacturer for our valued customers. We work hard toward our product making in the professional way that ensures accurate responses and suggestions to the customers demands.

Basic Environmental Policy

We are grateful for being born on the planet richly endowed with nature. We act as a responsible member of those who are looking for ways to live in harmony with the natural surroundings, while giving due consideration to environmental conservation in every aspect of our business activity. Cherishing nature, promote manufacturing with idea of eliminating anything superfluous and unreasonable through our work process to offer serviceable products which will be consigned to the earth ultimately.